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Skilled Curtain Cleaning in Bristol BS1

Curtain Cleaning BristolAs time passes, curtains accumulate more and more dust and unpleasant odours. Why tolerate stale smelling blinds or curtains when the best Bristol BS1 professional curtain cleaning service is only a call away? Our specialists can deal with any odour, stain and can easily wash and dry clean your curtains without even removing them from the railing and without the use of any toxic or harmful chemicals. Book our service Now 020 3746 8235 and receive the best prices and quality treatment in Bristol BS1. Learn more about our special deals and request a free quote.

Curtain Cleaning Benefits

This service is very effective for families with smokers, large households with pets and children. Our service does not damage the fibers in no way so regular cleaning is not a problem, each method is gentle and, in fact, protects the textile making it stay clean for a longer period of time. You will also enjoy:

  • Protected colours and textiles
  • Fresh smelling room
  • Longer lasting after clean effects
  • Fast to no drying time
  • Effective treatment against dust and various stains

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How Our Service Works

Steam cleaning – allows us to quickly and efficiently clean any stain, remove bad odours and even treat slight discolorations without even having to remove the curtains from the railing. This convenient yet efficient way of working allows for a quicker drying time and increases the overall comfort of our visit, we do it quickly and without a hitch. This procedure is good for use in households where allergic reactions to more common substances are more prevalent. It is good exactly because it effectively neutralizes dust and other airborne allergens without having to use any chemical filled detergents.

Dry cleaning – also has applications in curtain cleaning. As it does not use any moisture at all it is a good and flexible services that thoroughly removes stains and unwanted odours from the textiles of your curtains. This does require for our team to remove the curtains from the ruling, but they will reinstall them as soon as the procedure is over. The zero drying time and use around sensitive materials like satin, cotton and silk increases its value in households all around Bristol. The cleaning agent used in the cleaning process is not allergenic and is safe for use around families with small children and pets.

Booking Local Cleaners Bristol BS1

For exclusive discounts and offers call our team at 020 3746 8235, while there ask about our free quotes and about our flexible scheduling options. To book, you can also submit a booking form and if you want even do it through our instant support chat facility. Our 24/7 customer support team will be sure to help you in every way possible, address all of your cleaning concerns and answer any questions you may have.