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Expert Mattress Cleaning in Bristol BS1

Bristol Mattress CleaningAs far as important belongings go mattresses might be one of the most important ones. We spend so much time on them, on average 1/3 of our lives are spent sleeping, so why not take care of ourselves and clean the very surfaces we dream on. With our professional mattress cleaning in Bristol BS1 you can be sure that your bed mattress will not only be cleaned but also deodorized and fully sanitized with the latest machines and detergents. Take the phone and call 020 3746 8235 there our call center specialists will answer all you questions and give you the best prices and deals for the mattress cleaning services in the area.

Benefits of Booking Our Service

We can guarantee you a spotless clean every time, for anything from pet urine stains to food, blood, and vomit. We can also thoroughly deal with bed bugs and dust mites, effectively wiping whole populations in a matter of seconds. The services can also offer you:

  • Odourless mattresses
  • No bed bugs or dust mites
  • Minimal allergen counts
  • Hard to remove stain extraction
  • Saving you money on buying a new mattress

For more benefits, information on the displayed ones and discounts, call our team over at 020 3746 8235

Service method

U.V light treatment– is our specialized treatment used to remove the nasty and pesky dust mite and bed bug populations. With a rapid spread rate, and otherwise hard to exterminate populations, these critters can be a nightmare if not handled properly. Luckily this treatment is so effective that it only takes a few seconds for it to be over, with the rest of the cleaning being vacuuming out the carcasses and fecal matter left behind. A series of lights are placed around the mattress and then turned on, the rays will penetrate every layer of the mattress, exterminating the bugs in all stages of development.

Steam cleaning - is, in some instances, used as a follow up treatment that ensures that all bugs are killed off and that all carcasses and fecal matter is removed. It also has stain removal and deodorization capabilities, by utilizing 50 of our specialized detergents, we can guarantee that everything is taken care of without using any hazardous chemicals. A high pressure steam jet is injected into the fibers of the mattress, reaching deep and simultaneously sucking out all residue along with 95% of the moisture leaving only a small portion to be dried out.

Book Professional Mattress Cleaning in Bristol BS1

You can make the final step by calling our 24/7 customer support team on 020 3746 8235 or by submitting our booking form. One of our representatives will call you and help you schedule the most convenient time and date for our visit. If you have any questions, about us, our procedures or any general cleaning questions, we can address them in our instant answer chat room.