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Having trouble maintaining the clean look of your rugs? Is it time for them to be professionally cleaned but you are worried that they might get damaged? Well, with 020 3746 8235 you won’t have to worry about a thing. With over 10 years of experience in the rug cleaning business, we can guarantee a safe and efficient cleaning every single time with the help of over 50 specialized bio-degradable detergents.

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Benefits of Our Rug Cleaning Service in Bristol

Bristol Rug CleaningA top notch professional rug cleaning company can guarantee that your rugs will be treated safely and without the chance of damaging the strength of the fibers or to cause the colors to lose their appeal. The service will also give you:

  • A thoroughly cleaned rug
  • Environmentally friendly cleaned floor coverings
  • Special treatments for exotic and expensive rugs
  • No dust, grime or dirt
  • Specialized fiber protection

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Service Details and Information

Dry cleaning – is especially suitable for the treatment of more sensitive materials, such as silk and cotton. This is what we use when treating your precious and expensive Persian rugs, because of its gentle nature. Indeed, the dry cleaning procedure allows us to thoroughly clean all natural and synthetic fibers with no chance of damaging the colours or structural integrity of the fibers in the textile. A dry powder is brushed into the base of the material, overlaying the affected areas. It binds to the stain and makes it possible to get extracted without having to use water or heat.

Steam cleaning – has a deodorizing, refreshing and even a sanitizing effect on all synthetic and woolen rugs. It uses a high-pressure steam jet to blast away any dirt, grime and dust particles, dissolving them with heat and moisture and extracting them with a high powered vacuum machine that not only removes the dirt but also 95% of the moisture used in the process. It is generally used on materials that can withstand the power of the treatment, but also to fully exterminate stain of hard to remove nature like paint, chewing gum, lipstick, coffee, blood and urine.

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