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The Best Upholstery Cleaning in Bristol BS1

Upholstery Cleaning BristolLocal cleaners Bristol BS1 Ltd offers all of its Bristol BS1 clients a specialized upholstery cleaning service that cleans, treats and conditions all types of upholstery, from leather to synthetic and natural fibered furniture. We use top of the line equipment, certified veteran cleaners and a dedication to quality and satisfactory results. We are the upholstery cleaning company for you, with us you will save time and money. Contact us now on 020 3746 8235 and learn more about our special discounts on combine booking. You can also request a free quote.

Benefits of Upholstery Cleaning Service

The proper and regular treatment, cleaning and conditioning of your upholstered furniture is very important for the longevity of your furniture, not to mention the numerous health benefits you get from it. With this service you will notice:

  • A greatly decrease level of dust and grime
  • No more stains
  • Colour rejuvenation and protection
  • Special fiber protection coating
  • No, staler and bad odors

If you want to consider more of the service benefits or want to about more of what this service can do for you, call our customer support team over at 020 3746 8235.

Service details

Dry cleaning - is a preferred method of cleaning when dealing with heat and water sensitive materials such as cotton and silk. Since this procedure does not use either (as the name might suggest) it is perfect and allows for a lot of flexibility. It can successfully and safely remove greasy, wet and dried out stains, urine, blood and coffee blemishes. As a cleaning agent, we use a specialized fine dust substance that we embed deep into the fibers of the affected area. It binds to the stain and makes it easier for it to be cleared out by using a powerful vacuum cleaner.

Steam cleaning – is a straightforward method that uses high-pressure steam to dissolve, dislodge and completely eradicate stains from synthetic and woolen upholstery textiles. We infuse the water with a specially chosen detergent then inject the high-pressure jet into the affected area while immediately drawing out all of the excess moisture along with all of the accumulated gunk. The procedure has the strength to remove even the sturdiest of stain, from engine oil, gums, nail polish to lipstick and paint making a good ally when dealing with especially hard to extract blemishes.

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To book us all you have to do is call 020 3746 8235 and you will not only receive exclusive information on our most recent discounts and benefits but also receive a free price estimation that will give you an understanding of how much we will charge you. Our 24/7 customer support team also runs an instant chat support system that you can join even now, there we will address any question and upholstery cleaning concerns you may have.